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3 Reasons to buy Restaurant Insurance

3 Reasons to buy Restaurant Insurance
Insurance can be expensive, especially for a restaurant business. However, If you have a property loss or suffer damages from a lawsuit, commercial insurance will help prevent a large financial loss from occurring to your restaurant.

I can list more than 3 reasons to buy restaurant insurance, but I always tell business owners starting a restaurant that the annual premium […]

Starting a Restaurant-Restaurant Insurance

A recipe for quality Restaurant Insurance
The food service industry is fast, fun, and exciting. Starting a restaurant or catering business can be overwhelming with all the different requirements and needs coming from all different directions. Restaurant insurance will help protect what you have worked so hard to build. 
While not all encompassing the policy types  listed below are […]

New Years Resolutions for your Business

Every business is different, however every business has one thing in common and that is change. Often business owners will purchase an insurance policy or create a risk management program and will file the documents away.  It is imperative that business owners review their policies and programs often and make sure that they are […]

New Year! New Insurance?

At some point in 2015 your insurance policy will renew.

What are you going to change about your commercial insurance policy? Maybe everything. Maybe Nothing. It all depends on your current and future needs.

Before your policy renews this year, here are some things to consider:
1.)  What is the value of your property including furnishings?