New Year! New Insurance?

At some point in 2015 your insurance policy will renew.

What are you going to change about your commercial insurance policy? Maybe everything. Maybe Nothing. It all depends on your current and future needs.

Before your policy renews this year, here are some things to consider:
1.)  What is the value of your property including furnishings?


Commercial Real Estate Insurance-Protect your Investment

You just invested in a commercial property. Along with your investment you also purchased property and liability insurance(Commercial Real Estate Insurance) because the bank required it for your loan, but did you review your policy? Do you understand how it can provide protection for your assets? Even if you are not required to purchase insurance, it still is a legitimate part of […]

5 Ways to Manage Real Estate Insurance Costs

Are insurance premiums affecting the return of your real estate investments?

Your real estate investment could be a small rental property, an apartment complex, commercial building, or an office building. Regardless of what kind of property it is, as an investor you want to maximize the income of your property.

Here are 5 ways you can manage the […]