General Liability Insurance  for RestaurantsGeneral liability insurance for restaurants

Accidents Happen.

That’s why general liability insurance for restaurants is so important.

No one wakes up and knows exactly what is going happen that day.

Think of all the things that can go wrong at your restaurant and cause an accident.

  • A patron slips on a wet floor and is injured
  • A customer bites into some food and breaks their tooth
  • Your server spills food on a customer and damages the customers expensive clothing
  • Your customer eats some tainted food and suffers from food poisoning
  • A mistake is made and a customer is served nuts on accident

This list of accidents can go on and on. Accidents by definition are unexpected and unintentional. General liability insurance will protect your restaurant and its operations from unexpected claims and lawsuits.

General Liability Insurance for Restaurants can:

  • Pay the defense costs associated with a lawsuit
  • Pay for claims (accidents) in which your restaurant may be found negligent
  • Protect the finances and assets of your restaurant

Lawsuits are expensive

Most businesses lack the resources to not only finance the cost to defend themselves in a lawsuit, but also pay for any damages in which they are liable for. This is why general liability insurance is so critical to the operations of a restaurant. Insurance leverages your business to pay for any unexpectclaims and prepares your restaurant for the unexpected.

Review and Update your Restaurant Insurance Policies

There are other liabilities that your restaurant may face, which are not covered under the standard policy providing general liability insurance for restaurants. It is strongly recommended that restaurant owners and manager meet with their insurance broker to discuss where they are potentially exposed to coverage gaps. In addition, your business should always review the coverage limits provided by the general liability insurance and make sure the limit is high enough to protect your business.

Other liability insurance policies or coverage’s to consider:

  • Liquor Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability

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