BBQ Restaurant

Insurance for your BBQ Restaurant

I love BBQing, grilling, and cooking. These are all reasons why enjoy working with restaurant owners. Whether you are starting a BBQ restaurant or are well established, you need an insurance provider that caters to the needs of the restaurant industry.

When developing an award winning BBQ rub, only the highest quality ingredients are used.  The same should go for the insurance you purchase for your BBQ restaurant.

Strong Insurance Coverage

Strong insurance coverage is always a must for restaurant owners. There are many different risks that restaurants face with many different coverage’s available to address each exposure. In my previous article “A recipe for quality restaurant insurance” you will find a good starting point of coverage’s your restaurant may need. Of course, the world is always changing and there may be a host of specific coverage’s your BBQ restaurant may need.

Quality Claims Service

Also take into consideration the insurance carrier that you choose to protect your restaurant. The biggest reason you purchase insurance is for peace of mind (3 Reasons to buy restaurant insurance). Choose a carrier that has a reputation of strong claims service. When a loss occurs, you are going to want the support of a carrier to assist your BBQ restaurant through whatever claim you may be going through..

BBQing is fun! It is probably the reason that you started a BBQ Restaurant. Insurance can be a great thing because if you ever do suffer a loss, it will help restore the operations of your restaurant. Make sure your insurance program is as good quality as the recipes you have created.

If you are interested in discussing the insurance  for your BBQ restaurant or would like to receive a proposal with a breakdown of coverage’s and pricing please call us at 831-724-1085 or you can click here to begin by email.

Yours in insurance,

Johnny Kane