Workers Compensation Insurance is insurance coverage provided by employers for their employees. It is required by law that all employers carry Workers Compensation Insurance.

This insurance comes into play in cases of injury, illness or death resulting from an occupational (on the job) accident. An employee shall be entitled to medical expenses and compensation for time lost from work. The principal areas of benefits are: medical care, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, death benefits and vocational rehabilitation benefits.

California law provides Workers Compensation as the “exclusive remedy” for work related injuries or illness. This means that any employee eligible for Workers Compensation benefits may not also sue his employer in an attempt to collect from Employers Liability coverage. There are several specific exceptions but for the most part the right to recover Workers Compensation is the employee’s “exclusive remedy” for bodily injury, disability or death.

If you have employees KBK Insurance Agency can help you fulfill your legal requirement to provide Workers Compensation Insurance. In addition if you are to receive the maximum protection under the policy and the lowest possible net cost, it is vital that the policy be properly issued and all situations checked that could result in any premium savings. KBK Insurance Agency will provide this service for you.

We represent and have direct access to the following workers compensation carriers: Zenith, Foremost, Employers, First Comp, State Compensation Insurance Fund, Hartford and Travelers. We can also access many other carriers through insurance partners and intermediaries. Whether you are a small employer with one employee or a large employer with 50 or more employees we can provide you with this important piece of your insurance program.

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