Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is a necessity for investors and owners of all types. From property owners with a large portfolio of investments to the single building owners. All commercial properties have different insurance needs and must be addressed on an individual basis. The profitability of your commercial property investments is a very important. KBK Insurance actively works to contribute to your profitability by putting together a strong commercial property insurance program offering flexible pricing and coverage’s.

Your real estate investment could be:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Retail and Office buildings,
  • Industrial buildings
  • Shopping Center or strip mall
  • Or a portfolio of commercial buildings and rental properties

One of your primary goals is to maximize your rental income. Your other objective is to obtain a strong combination of property and liability insurance coverage to protect your real estate holdings and the income that is generated from them. 

A customized commercial property insurance plan specific to each of your properties circumstances will protect your commercial real estate investments and assets from a financial catastrophe. Our approach at KBK Insurance is to partner with you and provide customized insurance policies that match your business goals. We know the common issues that commercial property owners have and understand what is needed to provide solutions for commercial property investors.


Rely on KBK Insurance Agency to advise you and ensure that you are selecting the right building insurance program for your commercial real estate investment.


Our 108 years of operation have allowed us to develop relationships with many major commercial building insurance carriers in California.


We negotiate specialized and tailored coverage for commercial property owners. Commercial buildings are not all the same and neither should your insurance.


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