Communication is Key

As local businesses begin to open, whether it be at reduced capacity or curbside service, one of the main components of getting back to business will be clear communication with customers of how your business is prioritizing health and safety. 

The US Chamber of Commerce has made it easy. They created a simple template online for businesses to use. The template allow your business to create a flyer showing the actions you are taking to protect against the spread of COVID-19 and help customers feel more confident shopping or visiting your business.

Follow the link below to create your own flyer through the US Chamber of Commerce website.

⇒  Click here for the COVID-19 customizable flyer.  ⇐


  • Click on the arrows below to see suggested actions for each category
  • Select as many actions as apply by checking the boxes in each category
  • You can also add your own action by writing in the space provided

There are 9 different categories: Personal Protective Equipment, Screening, Social Distancing, Cleaning, Hygiene, Stay at Home, Curbside Service, Travel & Events, and Food.

At the bottom of the page your business can also add its logo.

The left side of the page shows an example of the flyer you are creating while the right side is where you would select the appropriate steps your business is taking. 

Below is an example of what the online template looks like when you use it.