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Customizable flyer to communicate with customers

Communication is Key
As local businesses begin to open, whether it be at reduced capacity or curbside service, one of the main components of getting back to business will be clear communication with customers of how your business is prioritizing health and safety. 

The US Chamber of Commerce has made it easy. They created a simple […]

General Liability Insurance for Restaurants

General Liability Insurance  for Restaurants
Accidents Happen.
That’s why general liability insurance for restaurants is so important.

No one wakes up and knows exactly what is going happen that day.

Think of all the things that can go wrong at your restaurant and cause an accident.

A patron slips on a wet floor and is injured
A […]

3 Reasons to buy Restaurant Insurance

3 Reasons to buy Restaurant Insurance
Insurance can be expensive, especially for a restaurant business. However, If you have a property loss or suffer damages from a lawsuit, commercial insurance will help prevent a large financial loss from occurring to your restaurant.

I can list more than 3 reasons to buy restaurant insurance, but I always tell business owners starting a restaurant that the annual premium […]

Starting a Restaurant-Restaurant Insurance

A recipe for quality Restaurant Insurance
The food service industry is fast, fun, and exciting. Starting a restaurant or catering business can be overwhelming with all the different requirements and needs coming from all different directions. Restaurant insurance will help protect what you have worked so hard to build. 
While not all encompassing the policy types  listed below are […]